• Do you offer refunds or exchanges if I dont like my item? I will gladly exchange items if you have a problem. Refunds may be done on a case by case basis. (For health reasons, hats cannot be returned.)
  • What does implexus mean? Latin for "interwoven"

Products and materials
  • Is the acrylic yarn you use scratchy? Softness of yarn will vary by brand, but no, its quite soft. I hate scratchy sweaters :)
  • I see an item I like, but want it in a different color. Can you do that? Sure can! I can do many custom orders for no extra cost. If you want multiple colors, or a different material, I can do that too, but there may be a little extra cost to that, depending.

  • How do I pay? You can pay with your Paypal account balance or your credit card through Paypal.
  • I dont have Paypal. Can I still pay with a credit card? Yes. During checkout you will be directed to the Paypal page where youll see an option to pay without making an account.

  • Do you ship internationally? Yes. Currently my shop is only set up for US, and a few listings are set for Canada, but I can set the listings up upon request.
  • Why not just set up all the listings for international shipping? I dont always have time to go to the post office, which is a must with intl shipping. Until I come up with a better system, this is it.



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