Make a list. Whats on your mind right now.

1. Im starting to freak out a little.
2. Ive got 2 orders to ship today, and 3 to make.
3. I have to restart the sweater for my mom after she changed her mind about the fit.
4. The details of my personal life are just sad.
5. Life is kicking my butt hardcore.
6. I need my own place.
7. Please ecomony, dont get any worse.
8. Im tired of advertising and promoting. I get spent doing that, then dont feel like creating.
9. I wish I had an assistant.
10. Who says money cant buy happiness...$7000-$10,000 would fix my life.
11. Someone else's situation could always be worse, that doesnt make your pain any less real.
12. Saying "no offense" before saying something offensive doesnt make it any less offensive.
13. I wanna make clothes. I should do it. I need to sew more, knitting has taken over.
14. I wanna make soap. I havent done it in years, but I really want to again.
15. I wish my husband would think before he speaks.
16. I could really use some funky colored M&M's right now. You know, the special colors you get at the candy store.
17. I have other useful skills besides knitting, but no one really knows, and it bothers me.
18. Where are my M&M's??


I got to make a treasury!! Its the first one Ive ever done. Ain't it cool? :) For some reason, all I could think of was that song "99 red balloons" then a treasury was born...

Click here to see it on Etsy and leave comments if you'd like :)


This is awesome. Go try it.

This is all of my "about me" info. Click the picture to see larger view.

So yesterday was a snow day. I was sooo excited.

It was such a rip-off.

I had stayed up all night talking to my cousin on the phone, and peeping out the window into the dark trying to watch the snow. I did get some nice pictures of it once it got light out. But by the time 11 am came around, I was feeling so sleepy, I figured "its still snowing and its supposed to snow til around noon, I'll just take a little nap, then I can get up and go outside and play." Nope. No. The snow had other plans. I took an hour and a half nap, got up, and to my surprise and utter dismay, the snow was already melting!! Oh I was so pissed off. Im like, "youve GOT to be kidding me!!" Considering the high was supposed to be 32 yesterday, I couldnt believe it was already melting. I didnt even get to go outside, except to take the trash out and take a few pictures. I always like to go out for a walk when it snows, and I didnt get a chance to. Ugh, Im really starting to hate the south. I want snow goshdarnit!!

It had better snow again before winter is over...


Yay! Im SO excited because it doesnt snow in the South much. I'll post more pics when it gets light.

Ive been peeping out the window into the dark for hours now, trying to watch the flakes falling. It tapered off about an hour ago, but now its started back up again. There's already probably 3" out there now. I just hope it keeps coming, I really want it to still be falling when its light out so I can see it and be in it, lol.

New today!

NOTEBOOKS! Theyre in the shop today available for your buying pleasure. I'll definitely be listing 3, and possibly 4. Dont forget, you can always custom order one if you dont see the size, color, or style that you like.


"Cutest. Scarf. Ever." is making its debut today as well. Its a skinny grey scarf with 2 white crocheted chains attached, decorated with 7 little stuffed felt hearts. Isnt it adorable?

I'll be adding a few other things today too, so go check it out!

Coming Monday

I have an awesome new item coming to the shop on Monday! I made one of these notebooks for myself almost 2 months ago, and Ive been thinking about it every since. Its not just a notebook. It's a notebook, calender, day planner, sketch book, portfolio, and folder all in one. You could even use it as a scrapbook if you wanted to. I just got tired of having 3 or 4 different books at any given time. This way I can keep everything together.

The book cover is made from illustration board, and covered with scrapbooking paper. It has 3 holes punched in it with 3 book rings holding it together. Using book rings is great because it lets you expand the book if you want to add more pages, or make it small if you want to take away.

When you open the book, you'll find a stack of attached index cards, plastic sleeve sheets for cards or small photos, tabbed dividers, monthly calender pages, weekly plan pages with plenty of writing space, acid free dry media sketch pages, plastic page protectors, and a pocket inside the back cover for storage. This book has it all. Not only will I be making these in various sizes and colors, I will also have refills available in the shop.

So here's what my book looks like. Yes, the print inside the front cover is upside down, lol. Hey, it was the very first one I made:

I use the index cards to write little notes, to-do, or shopping lists on, then I can detach them and stick them in my pocket while I shop. The plastic sleeves are baseball card protective sheets. I put photos of the things I make so it serves as a mini portfolio. The 4th photo is an example of the plastic page protectors, except I use mine to hold all kinds of things. Photo 4 shows it holding some fabric swatches.

I love this book, I wish I had made one sooner! It'll be awesome for when I go back to school next year, I'll be able to have all my subject notes and sketches in one place. Now I just need a catchy name for it...


Today is January 15, and I have nothing new in the shop, or even completed. Well, ok, I have one more pair of heart earrings, and a mini leopard print kusudama, but it doesnt have the cord attached yet. I dont want to list things until I have more than one. I like to list things in 3's or more. I guess its just as well though, because views on Etsy have been ridiculously low this week. So Im going for Monday, and hopefully I'll be able to get a lot done over the weekend. I definitely want to get some Valentines stuff in the shop, and if I dont hurry it'll be too late.

Im working on it ;)

Branching out

Implexus is now on Myspace and deviantART! If you have a myspace, please add me. I dont know how much it'll do for business, but I figured why not.

I also want to ask everyone to consider voting to amend the CPSIA law requiring lab testing for all childrens items. This law could put many people out of business. You can vote on the widget off to the right on my sidebar, and you can click the text to read the article.


Im riding in a car right now, and Im bored, so Im gonna do a little post about my newest items I listed today and yesterday :)

Textile jewelry! I made these cute little heart earrings from felt sheets. I cut them out, sewed them together, then stuffed them with the leftover felt cuttings. I only have this one white pair listed right now, but Im working on making more colors. Just a peek of the Valentines items.

Then I have this fabulous cowl I listed yesterday. The color is hard to describe. Its a mustard color with a faint green undertone that looks more green-ish is certain light, and more mustard in others. Its a really neat color. I need to make myself one ;)

Delay? Maybe.

I had set January 12 as the date that a bunch of new things would be added to the shop. That deadline might be pushed back a bit. I had to go out of town to see my grandmother who went into the hospital. I'll probably be doing a lot of driving up until Monday, heaven help me. I may still be able to keep my deadline, but Im not making any promises.

It disappoints me so much because so far, most of the items in my shop have been knitted items. I can actually do things other that knit ;) and thats what I was planning on adding on Monday. Knits are just sooo easy to travel with, and since Ive been doing a lot of that lately, thats whats ended up in my shop. I have to be somewhere stationary to be able to whip out the sewing machine, or canvas and paints. And I have some cute Valentines themed things that Im working on, so Im a little worried about not getting them in the shop early enough. (more about that later) Ugh. Im a mess right now, lol.

Ok, Im gonna leave my short update at that for now, because Im so tired I think I might just pass out.

Ever since the discovery of the knitting loom, Ive gone mad and let my addiction take over. I finished the original grey scarf, finished a really cool magenta cowl, and have almost finished an aqua scarf. Im madly in love.

The scarves are about 5.5 feet long, double thick, soft, and very warm. The cowl is super soft and open knit, but extra long so you can fold it over to keep warm. Again, I am madly in love.

Knitting looms! I got a set for Christmas, but today is my first time trying them out. I love it! This is probably the coolest crafty thing Ive gotten in a while. I thought it would be weird and complicated, but its ridiculously easy. It seems to go faster than regular knitting, of course this may be psychological, but who cares ;) Its sooo much easier on the hands, so now I can still make stuff even when my hands are hurting so bad from hours of knitting with needles.

So for my very first knitting loom project, Im making yet another man scarf. Light gray this time. When using regular yarn, (as opposed to novelty eyelash yarn, etc.) I definitely prefer the knitting loom over needles. I generally like to work in stockinette stitch, but it tends to roll at the edges which I hate. Its fine on things like sweaters, because you can compensate for it, but on a scarf, not so much. Using a loom makes one seamless tube so there is no rolling of the edges, except at the ends. I love it!

Ladies and gentlemen, I think I have a new addiction.

New year

I hope everyone had a happy New Year. So today was the "official" opening of Implexus on Etsy. Yeah, I have like 6 items, and none of them are new. The original plan was to start the new year with a bunch of new stuff, but no, Im still working on it. I really need to get with it. Ive been working on this sweater for like 8 days, when it really shouldve only taken 2. Ive got knits, rugs, pillows, notebooks, folders, bags, and more that I am working on. Are any of them finished and ready to go? No. My goal for all this is next Monday. Ive got my work cut out for me!

Sweater in progress, though it is sort of shaped like a diaper:


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