Are we there yet?

Two days until we head off to Charleston, SC for 4 days of no work, no students, no teaching, no selling, no listing...just pure, unadulterated beachful blist.

I will NOT be:

  • listing anything
  • answering emails
  • looking up tracking numbers
  • mailing anything
  • making anything (ok, I do knit compulsively in my free time)
  • taking phone calls from anyone other than my best friend

I WILL be:

  • not thinking about the studio, store, teaching, or Implexus AT ALL.
  • enjoying the first real vacation Ive had in over 4 years
  • enjoying 4 days alone with my husband, with no outside drama or interference
  • taking pictures
  • collecting hoards of seashells
  • taking deep breaths of wonderfully salty ocean airy
  • camping out by the lake
  • maybe never coming back :)

I always considered myself a really chill, relaxed, laid back person. But the past few months I can see that Im not exactly that way anymore, which I hate. I feel so annoyed by everyone and everything, even though most of the time I dont let on that I am. I love what Im doing job-wise, but need a break. Im hoping this will be it. I hope I can come back feeling relieved and can start over not being so...angry.

I may not blog a whole lot here. I want to start blogging again more often, but I'll probably be putting most of the business stuff on and personal blogging elsewhere...not sure where yet, lol. So go subscribe to my other blog!


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