April goals

I havent done anything. Seriously. Nothing. Well, almost nothing, as far as last months goals goes. I dont know what happened to this month. As ridiculous as it is, Im pretty much copying and pasting the March goals for April and promising to do better this time.

  • 50 items in the shop.
  • Find an office or studio to rent.
  • Add more non-knit clothing.
  • Add shoes to the shop.
  • Finish all the bags I have lying around.
  • Get business cards printed.
  • Design and print my own fabric.
  • Do more art work (painting, drawing, etc).
  • Get all my consignment stuff finished.
  • Make at least 2 new items per week.
In my defense, I got really busy meeting the "sell 10 items a week goal" and lost track of everything. I think Ive got it under control now ;)



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