Are we there yet?

Two days until we head off to Charleston, SC for 4 days of no work, no students, no teaching, no selling, no listing...just pure, unadulterated beachful blist.

I will NOT be:

  • listing anything
  • answering emails
  • looking up tracking numbers
  • mailing anything
  • making anything (ok, I do knit compulsively in my free time)
  • taking phone calls from anyone other than my best friend

I WILL be:

  • not thinking about the studio, store, teaching, or Implexus AT ALL.
  • enjoying the first real vacation Ive had in over 4 years
  • enjoying 4 days alone with my husband, with no outside drama or interference
  • taking pictures
  • collecting hoards of seashells
  • taking deep breaths of wonderfully salty ocean airy
  • camping out by the lake
  • maybe never coming back :)

I always considered myself a really chill, relaxed, laid back person. But the past few months I can see that Im not exactly that way anymore, which I hate. I feel so annoyed by everyone and everything, even though most of the time I dont let on that I am. I love what Im doing job-wise, but need a break. Im hoping this will be it. I hope I can come back feeling relieved and can start over not being so...angry.



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