Disappointments of the day

I will never use Lionbrand Homespun yarn again. I bought it because I love the color and the feel of it, and it screams "man yarn." I dont have any men's items in the shop yet, so I figured I would make a man scarf. Yeah. This yarn is so awkward to work with, Ive knitted and unknitted like 10 times, just trying to figure out what to do with it. I guess its not all around bad, just bad for scarves. I looks kind of messy to me, but maybe that will add to the character of it being a "man scarf."

Man scarf made me mad after a while, so I decide to take a break from it and move on to bags. I made one the other day that I liked but have not finished yet. It didnt come out the way I had planned though (even thought its not finished yet), so I thought I'd start a new one and see I if could get that one right. So I cut out some grey fabric, made gathers at the top, sewed it up, and then realized I hadnt reinforced it. Great. FAIL #1. So then I was like "ok forget this for now, I'll start another one." So I started a shiny dark green one. I remembered to reinforce this one, but I forgot about something super important. I totally forgot to cut the top in a curve instead of a straight line. As a result, the top of the purse curves, instead of being straight across the top. FAIL #2. After that I decided to hang it up for the night and write a blog about it, lol :)

Now that Ive done all my mess-ups today, hopefully tomorrow will but nothing be perfection!


  1. Lava Jewelry said...

    I've used it successfully.

    What I did was to knit two strands together (the strand from the inside of the skein with the strand from the outside) using very LARGE knitting needles. I think a size 13 or so. I made several nice thick scarves using a simple knit stitch.

    That was the only way I found to work with it.

    I tried crocheting it, but it was a nightmare.  

  2. revolt said...

    I thought about doing that, but I thought that would make it harder. Im using sz 15 needles to make the man scarf. I keep hoping if I put it down and come but later I'll like it, but, no.

    Oh gosh, I cant imagine crocheting it.  

  3. Kathy said...

    Wish I could help, but I am not a knitter. Keep at it...you will figure it out. Thanks for following my blog. I totally enjoyed reading yours, even though it was a bummer for you. Good luck!  

  4. Brandon said...

    thats a bummer, I'm sure your man scarf will come.  

  5. Nicole Solo said...

    You sound just like me, with both the unravelling of a scarf 1000 times, and the string of mess-ups! Sometimes you just don't get much done in one day *hug*  

  6. jozie said...

    Oh, I hate days like that. Nothing seems to work right and it's just so frustrating. The only thing worse is those days when you don't actually feel like creating.  

  7. Lisa said...

    yeah i've only used it with large needles...but i think the messy look would work for a man scarf! good luck :)  


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