Heh, yeah, um, screw Wordpress. Blogger is awesome. Fully customizable is key. Yes! Victory!! Ive just spent the past few hours setting this up, but it was well worth it.

My main reasoning for wanting to stay on Wordpress was because of the ability to make pages within your blog. Well I figured out a way to get around that. So FYI, all the posts posted in 2000 are from today, lol. I put the 2000 date on them so I can find all of the "pages" easily.


  1. Amy Yang said...

    People who break plans stink. Your maternity tshirts are really cute. I love the one that matches the color of my shop. My favorite color :)  

  2. revolt said...

    Yes they do.

    Thanks for the compliments, the shirts are the work of Lici though, I just take the pics. She's been MIA for like a week though, I should probably call her, lol.  


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