Self-inflicted insomnia

I hate being sleepy. I hate sleeping. I hate sleep. I wish I didnt need it. But I do. Ugh.

Seriously though, right now, Im feeling a little sleepy. But I dont want to go to sleep. I feel like I havent gotten enough done and that I need to work until Ive completed something (or several things). I wish I could say its just tonight, but this happens EVERY night. Which is why I end up going to bed at 4 and 5 am most nights. I keep having to tell myself, "Its almost 1am, its ok to be sleepy now. Its ok to go to bed. Go to sleep!" ...But I cant. I really wish I didnt have this problem.


  1. Little House Art Studios said...

    Try Melatonin. You can pick it up at Dollar General for around 5.00. It isn't addicting and I use it all the time to help me sleep at night. Also taking Calcium and Vitamin D together helps promote sleep. :)  


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