Christmas 2008

Yes Im back again for the new year. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Mine was good, for the most part. I drove all around North Carolina and Virginia, visited friends and family, ate lots of tasty food, spent too much money, then broke down somewhere on I-85 in Virginia.

It was all fun and games except for the whole breaking down part. I was just driving along, on my way from visiting a friend in Richmond, VA. Suddenly my temp gauge shows the truck is running hot and in the next second theres a huge cloud of smoke surrounding the truck. Come to find out the hose connected to the thermostat had a hole in it, so every time I put water in it, it would just squirt back out after a few minutes. Im telling you guys, duct tape fixes so many things. I did get the hose replaced though ;)

So guess what I got for Christmas??

A toothbrush and soap! LOL! Yes, my mom gave my a toothbrush and soap. I was like, "Wow mom, thanks. Slightly insulting, but thanks." She was like, "Oh! No, I didnt mean it that way!" lol, Im still laughing about that one. The soap does smell super good, but Im still getting used to the vibrating toothbrush.
My mother did redeem herself by getting me knitting looms, which Im super excited about, but have yet to try out. I bought myself yarn (or course) and my husband got me an mp3 player, yay!

Now for some randomness:

Driving down I-85:

Google maps is AWESOME:

Out in the sticks. Seriously, 15 miles to the nearest...anything:



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