New year

I hope everyone had a happy New Year. So today was the "official" opening of Implexus on Etsy. Yeah, I have like 6 items, and none of them are new. The original plan was to start the new year with a bunch of new stuff, but no, Im still working on it. I really need to get with it. Ive been working on this sweater for like 8 days, when it really shouldve only taken 2. Ive got knits, rugs, pillows, notebooks, folders, bags, and more that I am working on. Are any of them finished and ready to go? No. My goal for all this is next Monday. Ive got my work cut out for me!

Sweater in progress, though it is sort of shaped like a diaper:


  1. The Lone Beader said...

    Happy New Year and thanks for stoppin by my blog! I know the feeling that a project should take a certain time, but it actually takes much longer... I just completed a project that took 5 months to create! :o  

  2. High Desert Diva said...

    Congrats on getting the new shop opened.  

  3. iSew said...

    That pink is so pretty! Good luck with the shop. :)  


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