Kinda, sorta, but not really.

Its so hard to believe its the end of February already! So remember those goals I made at the beginning of February? Heres what I accomplished...

  • Buy a domain. This is now :)
  • Make the blog a little more 'website-like' Theres a home/welcome page now!
  • Fill in my FAQ section. The FAQ now actually has FAQs in it, imagine that.
  • Get business cards printed. I dont want to until I have shoes, clothing, bag pics to use on them. Im getting cards from Moo.
  • Promote off of Etsy. Tried Project Wonderful, didnt do well. Twitter seems to be working best for me.
  • Take 2 hours out of every day to promote. Yep, every morning, and sometimes at night.
  • 50 items in the shop. Nope, but I made it to 32 :)
  • Sell 15 items a week. (a lofty goal, but if you dont set them, youll never meet them :) NOT. I averaged 5 a week. Ok, I'll go for 10 this time.
  • Find craft fairs and get registered. I cant find any! Seriously! I tried/still trying.
  • International shipping. I ship to Canada now, and to other places upon request.
  • Make shoes and add a shoe section to the shop by March 1. Still working on that one.
  • Make clothing and add a [non-knit] clothing section to the shop. Sort of. I have one item, haha.
  • To understand and use social bookmarking constructively. Stumbleupon is fun.
  • Start a Facebook page. Yep, did that. But I hate Facebook so I may not use it, lol.
  • Add bags to the bag section. Pfff...I cant really even say "still working on that one" cause I havent.
  • Design and print my own fabric. Hopefully next month! Im still designing.
9 out of 16...not too bad, but Im hoping to do better next month.



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