Old guys

I love guys. Old guys always make my day. Last year on Valentines Day, I was having the worst day ever. This random old guy was hanging around the coffee shop handing out roses and he gave me one. Made my day. Today I went to Walmart to get some boxes. I wasnt having a particularly good day, actually it was a pretty crappy day. But this old guy (ok, he wasnt really old, he was like 40-45) held the door for me and said, "Come on out sweety-pie, looking so purdy today. I bet your boyfriend is proud of you!" I started laughing and he saw my ring and said, "Oh! Husband. Well he's a lucky man!" He had such a great country/southern accent it made it that much better, haha. Definitely made my day.

Thank you random Walmart shopper guy ;)


  1. Collette said...

    Enjoyed this story
    random friendliness is always good!  

  2. implexus said...

    Indeed. Always be nice to people, you can never know how much your actions will affect them. Seriously, that guy and his compliments were exactly what I needed today.  


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