February goals

  • Buy a domain. This is now implexa.com :)
  • Make the blog a little more 'website-like' Theres a home/welcome page now!
  • Fill in my FAQ section. The FAQ now actually has FAQs in it, imagine that.
  • Get business cards printed.
  • Promote off of Etsy. Tried Project Wonderful, didnt do well. Twitter seems to be working best for me.
  • Take 2 hours out of every day to promote. Yep, every morning, and sometimes at night.
  • 50 items in the shop.
  • Sell 15 items a week. (a lofty goal, but if you dont set them, youll never meet them :)
  • Find craft fairs and get registered.
  • International shipping. I ship to Canada now, and to other places upon request.
  • Make shoes and add a shoe section to the shop by March 1.
  • Make clothing and add a [non-knit] clothing section to the shop.
  • To understand and use social bookmarking constructively. Stumbleupon is fun.
  • Start a Facebook page. Yep, did that. But I hate Facebook so I may not use it, lol.
  • Add bags to the bag section.
  • Design and print my own fabric.
Im going to post new goals every month and cross out the things Ive accomplished. Lets see how I do! I encourage you to make some goals of your own for this month, and right them down so you can keep track!


  1. Right As Rain Creations said...

    This list reminded me that I am no longer twenty-something, because I was tired just reading it! LOL

    Great goals though. I see one or two (or more) I should add to mine!  

  2. moxylyn said...

    Congrats on the domain! That's something I need to do too. I started a Facebook page and I'm completely lost. I hope you have better luck with it!  

  3. fookaDESIGNS said...

    Looks like a great list! Best of luck!  

  4. Black Rose said...

    Great goals - I feel inspired to go and do mine for Feb too!

    Still debating Facebook - whether to join or not.  

  5. implexus said...

    Mmm facebook...yeah I debated for a long time. I figured I'd just do it and see what happens. Its one more way to be seen :)  

  6. smilemonsters said...

    Great list of goals. I started a facebook a few weeks ago. I don't think it's helped my shop at all but I have gotten in contact with some old school mates!


  7. butwhymommy said...

    Great goals. I am working on mine too.  

  8. shopPOPKO said...

    what a good idea. posting it so that you are accountable! i think i will ty to do the same. awesome!  

  9. Ripper Arts said...

    Shoes! I want shoes!  

  10. implexus said...

    LOL Ripper Arts, shoes are coming! ;)  


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