Make a list. Whats on your mind right now.

1. Im starting to freak out a little.
2. Ive got 2 orders to ship today, and 3 to make.
3. I have to restart the sweater for my mom after she changed her mind about the fit.
4. The details of my personal life are just sad.
5. Life is kicking my butt hardcore.
6. I need my own place.
7. Please ecomony, dont get any worse.
8. Im tired of advertising and promoting. I get spent doing that, then dont feel like creating.
9. I wish I had an assistant.
10. Who says money cant buy happiness...$7000-$10,000 would fix my life.
11. Someone else's situation could always be worse, that doesnt make your pain any less real.
12. Saying "no offense" before saying something offensive doesnt make it any less offensive.
13. I wanna make clothes. I should do it. I need to sew more, knitting has taken over.
14. I wanna make soap. I havent done it in years, but I really want to again.
15. I wish my husband would think before he speaks.
16. I could really use some funky colored M&M's right now. You know, the special colors you get at the candy store.
17. I have other useful skills besides knitting, but no one really knows, and it bothers me.
18. Where are my M&M's??


  1. Anonymous said...

    I agree with the "no offense" before saying it doesn't make it less offensive. I also wanted to sew, I tried it a couple years ago, even bought this $25 cute book on how to sew and never used my sewing machine. all a waste for me..ugh  

  2. Kala Pohl Studio said...

    Yep, we all share a lot of what's on your mind too:):) I meditate frequently to quieten the voice in my head, because sometimes it overwhelms me:)  

  3. Hey Harriet said...

    Wow. That's quite a list. Much of it I could relate to. Especially the bit about wanting some M&Ms right now. Damn it. I didn't know I wanted M&Ms so badly until I read your list. Thanks for that! ;D  

  4. Fatally Cute said...

    Wow kind of sounds like a list I would make right now. Especially the part about the economy. I am starting to do so well! Economy don't fail us now.  

  5. Anonymous said...

    I'm totally feeling you, a few grand and an assistant slash being able to craft full time = awesome life. Also more candy is always a plus ;3  

  6. MeganDean said...

    No offense, but....

    HAHAHA. This bothers me so much! I'm glad I'm not the only one that is totally annoyed by that saying. What follows is always something pretty darn offensive.
    Also, You are smart to write out your goals like that. It makes them happen, you know :)  

  7. thea said...

    hilarious post - really made e chuckle!! ;)  


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