Delay? Maybe.

I had set January 12 as the date that a bunch of new things would be added to the shop. That deadline might be pushed back a bit. I had to go out of town to see my grandmother who went into the hospital. I'll probably be doing a lot of driving up until Monday, heaven help me. I may still be able to keep my deadline, but Im not making any promises.

It disappoints me so much because so far, most of the items in my shop have been knitted items. I can actually do things other that knit ;) and thats what I was planning on adding on Monday. Knits are just sooo easy to travel with, and since Ive been doing a lot of that lately, thats whats ended up in my shop. I have to be somewhere stationary to be able to whip out the sewing machine, or canvas and paints. And I have some cute Valentines themed things that Im working on, so Im a little worried about not getting them in the shop early enough. (more about that later) Ugh. Im a mess right now, lol.

Ok, Im gonna leave my short update at that for now, because Im so tired I think I might just pass out.


  1. jodie nicholson said...

    1. I hope your grandmother is ok?
    2. It is definitely frustrating when you get 'stuck' making the same sort of thing for one reason or another. I felt like that the last two months because my best seller was in such high demand that I simply didn't have time to make anything else.
    You'll get there, even if it takes a bit more time!  


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