Im riding in a car right now, and Im bored, so Im gonna do a little post about my newest items I listed today and yesterday :)

Textile jewelry! I made these cute little heart earrings from felt sheets. I cut them out, sewed them together, then stuffed them with the leftover felt cuttings. I only have this one white pair listed right now, but Im working on making more colors. Just a peek of the Valentines items.

Then I have this fabulous cowl I listed yesterday. The color is hard to describe. Its a mustard color with a faint green undertone that looks more green-ish is certain light, and more mustard in others. Its a really neat color. I need to make myself one ;)


  1. SillyLittleLady said...

    Love those earrings! Very simple, very cute  

  2. Diamondaj said...

    The cowl is gorgeous! You are so talented : )  

  3. Almay Alday said...

    Those earrings are so adorable!! Love them!  

  4. ~ tracychong ~ said...

    Love those earrings. Unique and adorable!  


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